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The primary aim of the 100 Black Women’s Group is:
To support young people by investing in their education and empowering them.


The 100 Black Women's Group is, and shall aspire to be, an integral part of young people's education, conscience and support organisations.
The objectives of the 100 Black Women's Group are:
1.    To support young people by assisting in enhancing their education in a spirit of co-operation with associated youth organisations and groups; and
2.    To promote an active relationship with all relevant parties working in the interest of young people.
The 100 Black Women's Group is an affiliate of THE DR ABE FOUNDATION

Photography and publicity
Photos and video recordings
There are no safeguarding regulations prohibiting the taking of photos or video recordings at school. The only legislation that may apply is the Data Protection Act and that The Act notes, at Section 36, that personal data processed by an individual only for the purposes of that individual's personal, family or household affairs (including recreational purposes) are exempt from the Act.
This would include photographs taken by family members of their children at school events. Read More Here

Key Personnel
Mrs Nile Kilama

Mrs Vivian Byfield

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TELEPHONE: 07741560382
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