It has always been my lifelong obsession to assist people around the world and this has been shown by my work abroad especially the UK and Uganda.

I have supported children and young and old men and women in several areas and now wish to do this on an even grander scale. Amongst the areas that I have been successful , and wish to continue to be active are:

1)     Set up businesses which can help orphans, widows, youth and single mothers in local SMES (SMALL BUSINESS ENTERPRISES) in areas e.g. hair dressings; computer training; music production and recording etc.

2)     Encourage the creation and support of medical health programmes in the rural communities to help women and children.

3)     Encourage the creation and support of women’s health and child health vaccination and disease eradication programmes.

4)     Encourage the creation and support of family planning and women’s well-being clinics in the whole of the Northern region to support regular cervical smears; breast cancer checks.

5)     Encourage the creation and support of anti-smoking and advise on alcohol and drug abuse.

6)     Encourage the creation and support of small clinics to treat diabetes, hypertension, stroke, epilepsy, mental health awareness, hypothyroidism, asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), malaria and other related tropical diseases etc.

7)     Encourage the creation and support of FARMING programmes in the community to help them look after themselves and pay children’s fees and be self sufficient.

8)     Help to get water where there is a lack of CLEAN water….a lot of people still use water from wells moreover these are not purified and have many diseases i.e. worms etc.

9)     We can start schools in the North (of Uganda) for girls and boys with Religious affiliations!

10)   Start kindergartens and nurseries across rural and local communities.

11)   Promote CULTURAL and social set-ups to be improved and encouraged.

12)   Empower women and young girls about the need to have prior education before they start being mothers at aged 12 etc.

13)   Teach the youth minor skills such as brick-laying, farming, electrical certificate levels, plumbing etc.

Dr Abe Foundation (non-profitable organisation registered as a Company Limited By Guarantee in Companies House Company No. 07752734