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Dr ABE was born in Uganda. She attended Medical School at Makerere University but had to abandon her studies when she arrived in the UK as a refugee. She completed her degree at Manchester University Medical School.

General Practitioner in the UK, single mother and a widow herself, she is now an associate member on the APPG(All Parliamentary Party Group) on FGM, to the delight of her wonderful children.

Dr Abe began her charity work in 1992 in the then rather unstable Northern Uganda; she has continued her work till the present day.

The work undertaken in Uganda is with young people, especially widows, single mothers and orphans.

Dr Abe also participates in charitable work within the United Kingdom.  This has mainly focussed on ethnic minorities, talking and singing to and with them in different schools around England.

To view some of the performances, please check out some of the tribute videos here

You can also purchase some of the music through Sterns music , Cdbaby, and Itunes. Her albums and CD include Acholi Renaissance, NIPO, Tributes to the Greatest (including Nelson Mandela, Adem Demaci, Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods.)

Dr Abe has now set up small charity groups under:

  2. 100 BLACK WOMEN in the UK
  3. FAW (Female genital mutilation Association Worldwide)
  4. MAMA (Mon Acholi Maro Awak)
Currently Dr Abe is working in Uganda with women and young people.

Now that Northern Uganda has gained some stability, we are now able to carry on some subsistence farming, rearing pigs and chicken and growing vegetables, fruits, and plantain on our small plot of land.

Many of these women and orphans do not own land, and so Dr Abe has managed to buy few acres where they can go and do small farming. Millet, cassava, beans, groundnuts, and maize have given some yields and have been sold to pay children's school fees.

The widows have homes, land, and sewing machines, have learnt simple skills like hair dressing and cookery, and have also completed nanny courses, nursing /teaching diplomas and certificates.

As one of them says, "wan pe wanongo yo me Kwan, wabitiyo matek Ki kit yo ma iyabo iwani, litino wa bibedo i wi lobo maber."

Translation: "we did not have the opportunities to study, but now that you have opened the door for us, our children will have a bright future."

Support financially and socially to continue the work at a bigger scale because the last twenty five years has left Northern Uganda in turmoil and disadvantaged in all walks of life. Unemployment, poor education, loss of family life and culture has taken the Acholi people to a different level.

We can never give up the struggle to continue to achieve the high standards of our forefathers, such as the Saint Janani Luwum and the writer Okot p'Bitek.  We must continue their legacy.

The Ugandan Government is trying to help us, but as a group we must work hard to achieve our goals.