Mon AcholiMaroAwac

Mon Acholi Maro Awak
(Acholi women like collective effort)

This is a group founded by Dr Phoebe Abe-Okwonga in 2007 for Acholi women in Northern Uganda, to help a group of women who like herself are widows and single mothers struggling to bring up their children in the best possible way they can. They are trying to give their children the highest and best standard of education to which they can excel themselves as they wish. Most of them have grown up in Acholiland, like Dr Abe, who herself grew up in Gulu, Northern Uganda.

MAMA aims to help the young and single mothers look after themselves in the difficult conditions in Northern Uganda. These women are mostly orphans and have no immediate relatives to take care of them, but they are still surviving.


MAMA has a small farm, which is only a few acres but where we are managing to do some crop rotation; planting maize, cassava, millet, rice, beans, vegetables, fruits and other plantains, e.g. potatoes, yams and bananas. It is difficult to grow cash crops here, though, since the plots of land are small.

We also rear pigs and chickens here, and have built small rooms where the women can do their pottery and sew clothes. Selling some of the work they create, such as pottery and baskets, has helped to bring in some money. At present, though, we have only one sewing machine.

Water supply is a big problem, and at present we have to collect the water from a distant flowing stream, boiling it before drinking it. The women also have to wash the pigs regularly and this is a problem in dry seasons.

We sometimes hire tractor or the women dig the gardens themselves to save money. Weeding is done by the women and their children when they are on holidays. We are working hard towards a better standard of maintaining ourselves on the farm, but we are still seeking donations to help us with that aim.

Acholi women making pottery in their little FARM

Chicken Coupe

For More information contact us on :
P O BOX 1533

00256 782 310453 ( UGANDA)
07824774929          (UK)